Uses Of Music For Hospital Patients In The Hospital Setting

In your local children’s hospital musicians can work with resident music therapists to determine the best locations and opportunities for music events. Besides providing music for holidays, musicians could play for a pancake breakfast for families, or play in an atrium where video could be streamed to patient rooms or to areas where patients are immune compromised.

Possible goals/Desired outcomes:

The patient

  • experiences significant anxiety and stress reduction, with a lowered heart rate and blood pressure, or slower, deeper breathing. S/he is in a state of relaxed readiness. S/he knows what to expect and is therefore better prepared. S/he can visualize procedures in a positive way. S/he has acquired skills to calm him/herself as needed.
  • feels supported: S/he feels a connection to family, time, religion, positive memories or associations and therefore feels less isolated. Emotional needs are recognized and addressed.
  • has hope, optimism and improved quality of life.
  • has reduced or eliminated depression.
  • has a greater sense of control and feels s/he has a more active role in treatment, and can handle whatever happens.
  • is able to sleep or rest despite hospital noise and sleep interruptions. Has the ability to resume sleep easily.
  • experiences fewer side effects from treatment and faster post-op recovery.
  • is willing to do and actually does assigned exercises.
  • The patient’s immune system is strengthened.
  • The patient’s pain is managed with less medication. Her/his pain threshold is higher.

What are the  goals for your session?

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